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A Wiki based on Linked Data technology where you can edit, construct, publish and manage data.

Bioqueries Wiki is a new format to access and share queries based on Linked Data technology. This technology is a new methodology to connect data from different biological data sources to make easy of obtaining crossing information without using crossing references between biological databases and performing relationship between different information useful for biologists and students too.

This objective of this website is the participation of a great amount of biologists as it possible. This website is a place of sharing queries about life sciences domain where users can edit and even construct their particular query with the option of making publish or unpublish their own bioqueries.

This wiki is a new method to make easy the access for biologist to connecting data. Users interested in complex and specific queries to database to obtain crossing information have a wide of available queries to access to information included in the cloud of Linked Data technology. These queries are classified in hierarchies that belong from different databases and areas like metabolism, genetic, medical information, proteomic etc.

Bioqueries wiki is a common space designed to academic biologists, students and researchers. It is a community whose objective is the participation and collaboration of their members. While users are participating in this wiki, biologist users immerse in Linked Data world, a project that was born in 2008 year and his rate of growth has been incremented by year and it has transformed in Linked data community. Moreover, this wiki allows users to learn more about this type of technology based on data.

As a welcome way, in the frontal page you can find the most recent contents included in wiki and the most famous content visited by the community.

We are still adding new queries every day.

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